TSL has a distinct advantage over "ALL" of our competitors.

We not only supply a very wide range of tapes to our domestic customers and international customers, but we apply these same tapes in our Trade Service Bindery with STIK-IT(TM) Brand Tape Applicators, that we manufacture. Over the past decades of operating the largest Tape Application Trade Service Bindery in the USA, maybe the world, we have compiled a vast amount of knowledge and expertise.Our knowledge of Pressure Sensitive Transfer Tapes and D/C Tapes are second to none.

Our customers have become accustomed to calling on and utilizing this expertise. We pride ourselves in being able and willing to assist them in engineering new projects, increasing their production through our knowledge of tape & paper converting, and helping them meet the ever increasing demands of today's market.

With our very large inventory of Pressure Sensitive Transfer, Double-Coated, and Single-Coated tapes (we believe the largest and most complete inventory in the Western United States), we can meet the most demanding schedules. Our customers are provided the opportunity and ability to aggressively meet their customers and end users demands by being able to obtain the materials needed promptly.

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